My take on anything and everything. My husband thinks I'm a good storyteller but that's just his opinion. Why don't you join me on this ride and find out for yourself!


Old endings and new beginnings

I am a middle child. So is M (hubster) for that matter. I think that’s what we must have bonded over. Our dukhbhari kahani of a childhood filled with negotiations and compromises. Because that is what a middle child ultimately faces, doesn’t he? “It’s okay, woh bari hain na?” or “It’s okay, woh chota hai…

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Qissa ek Qissa Khwaan ka (A story of a storyteller)

Speak your truth quietly and clearly And listen to others, Even the dull and ignorant They too have their story, With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams It is still a beautiful world -Anonymous   I have always loved this quote. I can look at it and ponder on its meaning for hours.  It…

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